So, what is it that you do?

I often get asked this question and I reply that I’m like a Personal Assistant for the home.  I then give examples of work I have undertaken over the last year:    Cleared a house for a solicitor after one of his clients passed away Supported a consultant anaesthetist who …

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Is it time to spring clean your paperwork?

Do you know of a friend, neighbour or elderly relative who is worried about paperwork, have forms to fill in or paper-based tasks that keep being put off? Paperwork and post can easily pile up and it becomes an overwhelming mountain that becomes too difficult to tackle. It can be …

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The Junk Buster to the rescue

One recent project has been working on clearing a house ready for sale, as the elderly owner has moved into a care home. All of his personal possessions have been boxed up safely. The next step was to get rid of all the items no longer required. One call to …

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Business & Office Angel

– Do you have paperwork mountains and jammed filing cabinets? – Is it time to sort your office out? Every business needs an angel sometimes – I can sort, clear and streamline your office to reflect how you want it to be. Your business will benefit as you work more …

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BBC Radio Gloucestershire Interview

Having set up my business 5 years ago in the city of Bristol, I have moved to a village near Tewkesbury in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire.  The love of the most wonderful man has lead to my relocation and I am now working with new clients in my new area. …

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Are you a List-maker or done with Lists?

To Do List

My last article was about ways of tackling what you’d like to accomplish during the last third of the year, starting with finding your list.  Recently I read an article entitled ‘Why I’m done with lists’ by Dolly Alderton.  When I read the title I gulped – I am a …

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September – Eat That Frog!

september frog

Summertime is over for another year – hopefully you had some time and space to think about what you’d like to accomplish during the last third of the year.  With any luck you wrote them down and have the list to hand.  Remember – September is the time to sharpen your …

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July – Time to Give yourself a Break

So summer is here and regardless of the weather there is a feeling of end of term, holidays and the opportunity to take life at a slower pace.  What I recommend for July is to just stop and take a break from the usual clutter-clearing and home organisation activities. Let …

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Getting Ready for Summer

We certainly experienced four seasons in one day during May.  Can we dare to hope that June will be warm and bright and we can get ready for summer?  A healthier regime may be on your mind or even implemented as you finally remove the thick jumpers and start wearing …

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10 Top Tips to beat Procrastination

This month I’d like to share some expert’s advice to help you to dither no more.  I recently read an article by Nilufer Atik which said people who continually put things off are unhappier, as well as being less healthy and wealthy compared with those who get things done promptly.  …

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