Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

July – Time to Give yourself a Break

So summer is here and regardless of the weather there is a feeling of end of term, holidays and the opportunity to take life at a slower pace.  What I recommend for July is to just stop and take a break from the usual clutter-clearing and home organisation activities.

Let this be your month of indulgence.  I hasten to add this does not mean eating your body weight in chocolate or not moving from the sofa.  Take it as a month to use your time how you really want to.  Make that new dish you’ve been dreaming about (honeycomb ice cream is on my list).  Open the book you’ve been wanting to read for so long and get stuck into it.  Dig out your favourite old tracks and crank up the volume.  Spend time outside – be it meeting up with friends for picnics in the park or putting up your tent in the garden and spending a night out under the stars.

Allow yourself the time to listen to what you really want – what your body and mind are asking for.  And do this all guilt-free, this is your month.  Take time to count your achievements so far this year, and celebrate the victories, no matter how small they seem.

This space and time will also allow your brain to think about what you’d like to accomplish during the second half of the year.  As thoughts pop into your head, write them down and then pull this list out in September when it’s time to sharpen the pencils and crack on again.