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Are you a List-maker or done with Lists?

My last article was about ways of tackling what you’d like to accomplish during the last third of the year, starting with finding your list.  Recently I read an article entitled ‘Why I’m done with lists’ by Dolly Alderton.  When I read the title I gulped – I am a list person, never imagining being ‘done’ with lists.

Dolly talked how she feels her life had been measured out with to-do lists, and that to-lists are to her like self-portraits to Frida Kahlo – the direct and truest route to her psyche at a given moment.  Dolly was documenting her inner turmoil in bullet points.  Initially she enjoyed the blank page, the clean slate of a new day.  But her lists began to go wildly off-piste and became a bullet point traffic pile-up that taunted her daily.  She dreaded the morning, looking back at what she hadn’t done the day before and remembering another 10 things she wasn’t doing.  Does this sound familiar?!

Dolly came to the conclusion that a 3 page to-do list definitely wouldn’t help.  She just needed to stay calm, pay the electricity bill, and keep her to-do list strictly functional.  It is now a neat column of simple tasks that will make her feel peaceful once they’re done (and must fit on one page).  She finished by saying that life is what happens when you’re too busy writing a to-do list.  Agreeing whole-heartedly, I have taken to rationalising my lists, making sure the bullet points are essential and attainable.  So I am still a list-maker, just a more meticulous one!