Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

September – Time to Sharpen your Pencils and Polish your Shoes

Hopefully you are reading this feeling recharged from the amazingly sunny summer we have (mainly) had in Bristol. Following a break, it’s sometimes hard to get back in the groove and prepare for back to school or work. However, I believe the beginning of the academic year is a good starting point for the next stage of the year – a time to harness your energy. It always returns my focus to what I’m looking to achieve by the end of the calendar year. Why not take it as an opportunity to check in with the resolutions or goals you set back in January?

I called my friend the other week to review our lists as it’s so much easier talking it through with someone else. We felt we were pretty much on track, and although there are some things we haven’t done and are still keen to do (for example book on another course, arrange a visit to a friend on the other side of the country) we felt all was in hand. We will review again in December and set our goals for 2015.

Another action to consider this month is to tackle a tricky situation that maybe you’ve been avoiding over the summer, or just can’t get to the heart of. Take some time to ask yourself why it is bothering you, keep asking why and you’ll get to the root cause. Don’t forget there are people out there who can help sort things out – just give me a call and if I can’t help, I know a man or woman who can!