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Top tips from a Packing Pro

I recently read an article by a Deborah Brett whose travels range from going around the world on business doing photo shoots and taking her three children on holiday. Here is some sound advice from the packing professional:

If you’re travelling solo

(aimed more at the female traveller admittedly):

  • Stick to just one colour scheme and everything will work together
  • Make the most of summer and take dresses
  • Accessorise for the evenings to add flair – coat, shoes, scarves, bag
  • Place your sunhat (the perennial packing conundrum) in the middle of your case and stuff with items – this allows it to remain relatively unscathed

If you’re travelling with your family on holiday:

  • Start packing early (it’s the pre-planning that prevents the poor performance!)
  • Lay out on the spare bed what you’d like to take at least 4 days before departure
  • Sort the piles into outfits to make sure you don’t forget a crucial item
  • Don’t forgot a bar of Boots household soap – a must for getting stains out of clothes
  • Then add wash bags with essential medicines

And then of course don’t forget your check list of passport, tickets, keys, mobile, charger, money….and breathe!