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Holiday Time – Home or Away – is Time for You

The month of July includes some time off for most of us – even if you are not going away for two weeks and are just taking a long weekend. The great thing about holidays is they give you time, space and perspective to think about making life changes. When we are busy we say to ourselves, ‘I can’t plan my career change now’, but on holiday our stress levels drop. Ideas, thoughts and feelings have time and space to come to the front of our minds. Try and capture these – be it with pen and paper, or on your laptop or phone (if you read my article last month you know I will always champion the pen and paper!).

It may be that you revisit the resolutions you set in January, or really analyse your work / life balance or just take the time for inspiration. Have you been feeling out of sync, and life feels more like a series of reactions and tasks, instead of decisions and choices? This month why not put aside a few hours just for you, clear the head and make space to check where you are and where you really want to be.

Was one of your resolutions to get to grips with the tricky business of sorting your home and making it look its best? Perhaps you’ve de-cluttered the kitchen and made a start on your wardrobe but are still dreaming of the whole house being just how you’d like it.

Maybe going to the gym more or eating a more balanced diet (yes, those old chestnuts again!) is back on the agenda. Most people have a thoroughly lovely time changing their lifestyles and getting healthy. They discover that they can be fitter and a little slimmer, even though as we get older, the more we have to work at it.

It might be that you’re not convinced you can achieve your resolutions or really make a change to your weekly routine. One of the best ways to start is to brainwash yourself into thinking you’re doing the right thing and that you can achieve it. If there is one thing that you really either want start or stop, and you start telling yourself that you can to do it, you have much more chance of success.

And of course a task shared is a task halved, so if you have a challenge that you don’t feel you can conquer on your own, ask your family or friends to give you a hand. The chances are you can help them in return with something they are stuck with. If you are completely in a fix – please give me a call!