Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

Use the Magic word

What is the magic word I hear you say? It is not ‘please’ – I’m going to share with you the value of the magic word ‘help’. People have a genuine desire to help other people, so by asking someone to help you taps into this desire. Think about how you feel when someone asks you for help – by making themselves vulnerable, a connection is created between you. Connection is a deep human drive we all share, so by asking for help to deal with whatever has been troubling you, you are also spreading a little happiness. Asking for help shows that you want to move forward with something, recognising you cannot accomplish it on your own.

It might be that you need some help to start one of your resolutions or tackle that tricky task you’ve been putting off. Remember that successful people don’t try to do everything themselves – they build a smart team around them. So break the task down, work out who can help you with the different parts. As soon as you have a solution to the burden that has been hanging over you, you’ll feel relieved and invigorated and achieve more as a result.

A client got in touch recently as he wanted a number of outstanding tasks sorted. He had a backlog of admin work that required attention and he recognised that one of his weaknesses is general admin. He also had a number of small projects that he knew would benefit from some outside assistance. Once the tasks had been listed and an action put against each one – mainly with my name against them – he was able to feel progress was at long last being made.