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Dastardly De-cluttering – The 30-Day Challenge

I recently read an article by Victoria Lambert who decided to take the 30-Day Get Chucked Challenge.  It is a very simple idea – on Day 1 your identify one thing to chuck out, on Day 2 two things, Day 3 three things and so on.  This can lead to 465 possessions being binned in a month!  The options of where these items can go are endless – charity shop, free-cycle, recycle, re-gift, tip, car boot sale, generally giving ‘stuff’ away….


The really good thing about this challenge is that you start decluttering gently.  It’s easy to be sentimentally attached to things, but this way of having a sort out gives a sense of purpose and helps you to keep going.  I often hear clients say ‘I’ve kept it as it might come in useful one day’.  As tempting as this is, especially if you have storage space, I would suggest to really ask yourself if it will come in useful.  If you can’t part with it, put a date on said item and when 12 months have passed and it hasn’t come into use….be strong and let it go.


Victoria’s determination had lead to a huge number (currently unknown exactly how many) of others being motivate to take the challenge too – see #30DayGetChucked on Twitter.  There are loads of photos showing what people have been letting go of.  Check it out and maybe you will feel inspired too – just imagine what you could get rid of, but even more so how much clearer could your house be?