Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

Bring on 2014 and All it has to Offer!

One of the greatest perks of my job is being able to make a real difference to people. Established in November 2011, I have been working as a Lifestyle & Home Assistant in Bristol for over two years now and I can truly say that I have helped people turn their lives around. Whether I’ve been de-cluttering or being another pair of hands to ensure a house move goes smoothly, I have seen many times over the benefits of helping people turn tasks from ‘overwhelming’ to ‘accomplished’. It has been an absolute privilege and a joy to help people at key moments in their lives.

I have met a wonderful variety of people and developed some really useful contacts from interior designers, to caterers and carpenters. When you book my time to help you with a task or chore, I can recommend the right people to help provide the solution.

Now that we are in the new year, it’s an excellent time to take stock; to reflect on last year’s events and have a think about what you’d like to achieve in 2014. Last year I mentioned eight sub-headings that I use to help me focus my thoughts:
• Friends & Family
• Relationships
• Health & Fitness
• Travel
• Education & Self-Development
• Spiritual
• Finance
• House & Home

In the interests of practising what I preach, I met with my friend back in December and we compiled our lists. We committed our Resolutions to paper – each taking a piece of A3 paper and concertina-ing it into eighths (that’s in half, in half again and in half again) and wrote a heading on each section. We will review our lists every few months – supporting each other in getting the items ticked off the lists and feeling a sense of achievement.

We also looked through some magazines and cut out pictures that inspired us. Again we took a piece of A3 each and stuck the pictures on to create a vision board for 2014. Perhaps you are more of a creative and visual person, rather than a written list person, in which case this could really work for you.

So, whatever you’ve got on the cards for 2014, call me for a no-obligation chat and find out some of the ways that I can make life simpler for you! Think of me as the extra hours in your day. I have a broad repertoire of skills and my services are really flexible and completely bespoke. From once a month, once a week or just a one-off, I offer a professional service to fit in with your life and, most importantly, to make your life easier!

Happy New Year and bring on 2014!