Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

July already – what to do?

Was one of your resolutions to get to grips with the tricky business of sorting your home and making it look its best? Perhaps you’ve de-cluttered the kitchen but are still dreaming of the whole house being just how you’d like it. I thought this month I would show you how just a little time invested in a bit of sorting can make a huge impact:

In the month of June I helped some clients to:
– find documents ready for their tax return (45 minutes)
– deliver draft artwork to a designer for Christmas cards – seriously well organised client! (20 minutes)
– sorted through 4 wardrobes to identify what they wished to either keep, sell or give to charity – I took away 4 bags full (1 hour)
– package and send items that had been sold on eBay (30 minutes)
– file away the last 6 months worth of paperwork (1 hour)
– fix a TV aerial cable (2 minute phone call to book and 30 minutes on site with engineer)
– made a start de-cluttering a home which had got slightly out of control following a bereavement (2 hour session)

These clients got in touch with me because they know that a task shared (or even delegated) is a task halved (or even completed!), they felt challenged and couldn’t conquer it on their own. So this month, focus on one task that has been bugging you in your home and take that first step to sorting it out. Once it’s completed you will feel relieved, lighter and can put your feet up.