Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

The importance of diarising

How is your 2014 going? Have you taken stock and reflected on last year’s events and set your resolutions for this year? I have heard resolutions labelled as ‘promises to myself’ – which is a really good way of thinking about them as it is all about you achieving what you want. Each promise can have a month set against it and this can be copied into your diary as a reminder.

One promise might be to have a sort out and spring clean. Why not take a look at each room in your home and ask yourself – is each item in it useful or beautiful? If the answer is no, the item can either be recycled or taken to charity. If this task feels too overwhelming, give me a call – just a few hours of my help in your home will make a positive difference.

Continuing with diarising, one of my New Year jobs is to copy over birthdays and important dates from last year’s diary to this year’s. This is so birthdays aren’t missed – when sending cards you need a few days’ notice rather than the electronic reminder pop up on the day. I also note down expiry dates for items such as insurance and MOT.

If you have something written down, you do not need to commit it to memory, but of course you do need to make sure you regularly look at your diary or kitchen calendar so you don’t miss a crucial date!