Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.

What’s your top 4?

How was your September – were your pencils sharpened and shoes polished? Last month saw a number of new contacts deciding to seek assistance – some feeling a little overwhelmed and unable to complete the task on their own, whilst others being abroad and unable to do it themselves.

To name a few: chasing up a quote for a vehicle repair following a minor collision, research for a forthcoming party (did you know how many mobile ice cream vans there are for hire in Bristol?!), preparing for a temporary to move to America (de-clutter, storage, letting house out, shipping options, what to take), managing a property whilst the owners live abroad, helping to clear out that cupboard that was promised to be sorted but never quite got done….and so the list goes on.

These people have made the decision that they really wanted to make the changes they needed. They were no longer slaves to excuses – “I’m too busy at work”, “I’ve got too many responsibilities right now”. I challenge you this month to list the top 4 changes you want to make over the next 31 days – before the clocks fall back and the days really start shortening. Let’s make the most of these daylight hours!