Louise is currently on maternity leave and will be available from November 2020.


“I used Louise to ‘de-clutter’ my house and then effect a move in it’s entirety simply because my time is better spent doing other things! I have strengths and organising my own life isn’t one of them. I would without hesitation use her again.”

Alister, Bristol

“A very big THANKS for your help at a demanding time whilst I was moving house. You were a great help and really took the pressure down a notch. Having someone who I could allocate jobs to without long explanations or concerns about whether it would happen ‘properly’ was brilliant! Willing, adaptable ,efficient – what more could anyone want? I’ll be very happy to recommend you.”

Anne, Bristol

“What a star, five stars in fact! Louise has been working with us to help sort out our Workroom, a job long overdue. Fully focussed, with lots of bright ideas, together we decided what to dump, donate or stow tidily away. I only wish she could spend the rest of the week with me, but must let other people share in her helpful kindness .”

Charlotte, The Little Leather Box Company, Worcestershire

“Louise is a fantastic person providing a superb service – when you need a sort out and house declutter look no further. She works tirelessly to help you achieve your clearing-out aims and gets rid of all the detritus afterwards without any fuss. She is prompt, courteous and non-judgmental about mess and emotional baggage and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Diana from Bath

“Louise has been a fantastic help and has turned her hand to a variety of jobs…. I have been trying to finish a house renovation that has been going on 5 years. From getting quotes, receiving deliveries, supervising workmen she has been invaluable. I only wish she had been available when I started the project. Employing Louise has taken a huge weight off my shoulders allowing me to have some proper free time now away from work. I keep recommending her to all my friends …. She is a fantastic asset.”

Dr F Forrest

“I use Louise because I live alone and have a very busy job and as I get older I don’t want to use all my share time to or out house issues/ paperwork etc. Quite frankly she has been brilliant – including planning and organising a milestone birthday celebration for me. We met and agreed the format, decorations, food and beverages. The necessary provisions were sourced and purchased, and my home and garden were prepared for the event. On the evening of the party she ensured that everything ran smoothly – I was delighted with it all and could never have done it on my own. I had a fantastic time and was completely confident in Louise’s ability to deliver a stunning party.”

Dr F Forrest

“Louise provided administrative support to me for several years at University Hospitals Bristol. She is an excellent communicator, highly efficient and 100% trustworthy. She is an energetic problem solver and has great attention to detail. Louise always has a positive outlook and is not easily daunted even by large and complex tasks. She always focuses on what matters and is excellent at getting things done. Louise is reliably fantastic.

Dr Graham Rich, Former Chief Executive University Hospitals Bristol

“As a doctor I worked long hours including nights and weekends. As I chose to spend my spare time with my husband and/or friends, my admin work had taken a back seat. Over the years my paperwork had built up until it became a task too big to overcome on my own. I had boxes of papers that had to be filed or shredded. I’d known Louise for years and she offered to help me tackle it, particularly as I was pregnant and almost due. Within a matter of days she helped me set up a filing system and together we went through all the papers. She could have done this on her own, but as I was on maternity leave, we did it together. The paperwork included my pay slips, test results from my doctors, tax documents and other confidential papers, as well as old bills. She suggested putting a system in place that was easy to stick to as new paperwork would come in. We are now a few months down the line and even whilst I’m spending the majority of my time looking after my baby boy, I’ve been able to stay on top of my admin myself thanks to the advice that Louise gave me. She is efficient, confidential and very helpful.”

Dr M van de Venne

“Louise is brilliant. I am a very busy working Mum and she has helped me organise a few rooms in my house and with some complex paperwork. She quickly picks up what needs to be done and has worked either with me or on her own to get things done. I highly recommend her services.”

Elisabeth, Bristol

“Louise helped us with our relocation from Warwickshire to Bristol last Autumn. My husband had secured a job in Bristol so we needed to move at relatively short notice but we did not know Bristol at all or really where to start with finding somewhere to live. Louise was invaluable in supplying us with information and advice on Bristol’s different residential areas; providing insightful and factual information about rental rates, local transport routes into town and the local amenities. She even drove me to and accompanied me on several property viewings whilst my husband was at work which was so helpful and made the experience of property hunting far more pleasant. We are now settled in a flat and area which we love and she definitely helped guide us there whilst allowing us to make our own decisions. She continues to help us settle in Bristol and is a very positive, friendly and extremely helpful individual and friend to know!”

James and Helen Wallwork

“I wanted to spruce up my flat. However, work was manic and if I was actually going to turn aspiration into reality for the rest of the flat, I needed help from someone who could kick builders into shape and had proactive common sense.I asked Louise to help me and I’m very pleased with the outcome. She co-ordinated with the builder, plumber, electrician, decorator, carpet fitter and curtain maker. It would not have happened without her help – thanks Louise for everything.”

John, Bristol

“Booking Louise for a day makes me stop and do the tasks I’ve assigned to the day. Finding the tax papers/taking a car to be sold – on my own these tasks are overwhelming. Using Louise I know that the task will be completed. I don’t end up making more mess than when I started. She takes away unwanted paperwork to be shredded; or sorted clothes go to Oxfam (it doesn’t end up being ANOTHER task to do). Unwanted clutter is also taken away at the end of the day to the tip, so the job is complete. She’s also completely flexible – last week she made my family a chilli while I sorted through my tax paperwork; she’s come and fed the rabbit while we’ve been on holiday and helped me move house. I have a running list of things that I’d never get round to doing – ordering a gardening bin, buying beads to mend a top, finding a reliable local service wash; having a picture framed. I can email things to Louise and she will turn up with them at the next visit.”

Mrs H, Bath

“I have employed Louise on several occasions for a wide range of support activities for my home-based business. Bursting with energy and can-do spirit, Louise is great to have around because she makes things happen. Those irritating piles of un-sorted documents, VHS tapes that need transferring, tedious tasks – a morning with Louise and they are done and dusted. Louise is highly capable, efficient, inventive and unfailingly positive minded – I’d recommend her unreservedly. ”

Pete, Bristol

“The bookshelves were overflowing and the walk-in cupboard was anything but walk in… As a busy freelance writer (and parent) I had ignored the chaos in my study for far too long. It was time to get help. Enter Louise England! Over several hours, Louise cheerfully and skilfully helped to restore order. Together we went through books and papers, turned out drawers and banished cobwebs. Louise helped decide what to keep and what to bin. She took confidential papers for shredding and items to the charity shop. She also organised the removal of a van load of recycling. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who has an overwhelming task that they’ve been putting off. Her assistance turned a task I’d been dreading into a pleasure.”

Philippa, Westbury-on-Trym

“Louise’s infectious enthusiasm and clear thinking makes working with her a pleasure.”

Rose, Estate and Farm Secretary

“Louise came to help me sort through the last few rooms before we moved house. The packers were due the next day so the pressure was on. She assisted me with a little rationalisation and took various items to the charity shop, which was one less job for me to do. I will be calling on her when I need help moving house again!”

Sal, Gloucester

“Louise is the antidote for our hectic modern lifestyle and her organisational skills made quick work of the mounting piles of paperwork. I hadn’t realised the mental weight of the task until Louise lifted it from my shoulders! I will now be booking in a routine appointment.”

Sally K, Bristol

“You know those little jobs that you never quite get around to, and then before you know it you feel overwhelmed with your workload? Then you conjure up really creative avoidance tactics like clicking, typing, reading and online interactions that all sound productive but don’t actually accomplish anything…..well, Louise cuts through all of that! Right to the crux of what needs to happen to get a task completed. Not only does she have the efficiency knack, she does so with effortless ease. Making you wonder why you didn’t call her sooner!”

Sam Morris Cow Art, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

“Without a doubt, we would recommend Louise! Finding a new home in a new country can be extremely time-consuming and stressful, but this was not the case thanks to Louise’s support. It was great having someone who knew about the Bristol property market and it meant that there were never any difficulties finding our way, leaving much more time to explore everything Bristol has to offer, based on Louise’s advice. She was the best advocate imaginable when viewing houses – she knew exactly what we needed! Louise was so helpful explaining the lease agreements, sorting out bank accounts, car insurance, helping us to find the right nursery and answering any small query we’ve had. Thanks to Louise we’re now very settled in Bristol and really enjoy our new life here.”

Sophie, Emmanuel and Laura Gonce

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your amazing help with moving house. I had an overwhelming task of moving house alone with 2 young children.What seemed like an impossible job was cut down in to bite sized chunks. Louise visited on a few occasions and helped me sort out years of clutter. She took some of it for shredding, some for recycling and some to the charity shop. It was great to see her drive off with all the clutter I would have had to deal with myself.I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without her. I can highly recommend Louise for any organisational needs you may need. She has excellent contacts and is a pleasure to have in your home – she always arrived with a smile and was eager to get on with the job in hand.”

Suzy, Long Ashton